Zilu Li

Hi! I'm Zilu (李子璐), a senior at Cornell University majoring in Computer Science. My research focus revolves around computer vision, computer graphics, and neural fields. I'm fortunate to be working with Prof.Bharath Hariharan and Prof.Steve Marschner at Cornell. Currently, I am a visiting student researcher at Stanford University, working with Prof.Gordon Wetzstein and Dr.Guandao Yang

I'm applying to Ph.D. programs in Computer Vision and Computer Graphics this cycle!

Email: zl327 [at] cornell [dot] edu

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My research interest lies in the intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and Machine Learning. These days, I'm interested in exploring how to use Neural Fields efficiently for different geometric computing problems. Such as solving PDEs and Integrals. I've also had experience working on Retrieval Systems.

Neural Cache for Monte Carlo Partial Differential Equation Solver
Zilu Li*, Guandao Yang*, Xi Deng, Christopher De Sa, Bharath Hariharan, Steve Marschner
SIGGRAPH Asia, 2023

Using neural field caches to reduce variance in Monte Carlo PDE solvers. Monte Carlo PDE solvers. Our method excels when computing is limited and enables effective bias and variance trade-off

BT^2: Backward-compatible Training with Basis Transformation
Yifei Zhou*, Zilu Li*, Abhinav Shrivastava, Hengshuang Zhao, Antonio Torralba, Taipeng Tian, Ser-Nam Lim
ICCV, 2023

Introducing a Basis Transformation Method to avoid backfilling in learning new representations for modern retrieval systems.


Outside of research, I spend most time rocking with my band Cornell Interlude and random city-walking:D


I served as a teaching assistant for the following courses.

Spring 2023, Fall 2023: CS 4780 Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems

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